Midwinter's Night

Midwinter’s Night (2009) is Erwilian’s third full-length album, recorded live and released in December 2009. As the band set out on album #3, it became clear after numerous sessions in the studio that there was something about their “live” sound that was simply unattainable away from the audience and energy of a live concert. With this inspiration, the band began compiling a list of the songs that best captured the raw acoustic sound of a live show.

At once neo-renaissance, new age, and something akin to blissed-out bluegrass... ★★★★★.
— Nick DeRiso, Something Else!

The Winter-themed disc contains songs from Erwilian’s past, from "In Convivio" (Wood, Wind, & Wire, 2002) to "South Prairie Rain" (Renovata, 2005), as well as a hearty selection of never-before-released songs, including the hauntingly beautiful "Wandering" to the powerful "This Little Babe." Music critic RJ Lannan (Zone Music Reporter) described the band's concept for the album: "Erwilian's acoustic melodies are effervescent and energetic, but their original compositions and adaptations are truly amazing.” 

Presented as a continuous live concert running just shy of 50 minutes, the album is complete with song introductions, applause, and audience interaction. As the band states in the album’s liner notes, they hope the collection of music will, “provide a spark of warmth for more than one midwinter’s night.” 

In November 2014, Midwinter's Night became Erwilian's first album re-issue, with a remastered, music-only sequencing perfect for year-round enjoyment. By January 2015, the album became Erwilian's highest-charting album, peaking at #6 on the ZMR World Radio Top 100.