Light From Darkness

Light From Darkness (2012), Erwilian’s critically-acclaimed collection of traditional, original, and sacred music, is a reinvention of the inspirational genre. The continuation of the group's creative revolution of ambient acoustic instrumental music, Light From Darkness explores the use of traditional instruments in a completely new, modern style uniquely "Erwilian." Critics resoundingly agree:

Kathy Parsons,
"Top 30 Albums of 2013. What an extraordinary album Light From Darkness is, from the impressive artwork, extensive liner notes, and, of course, the superb music... I’m hooked! Light From Darkness can be enjoyed on so many levels — simply for the joy of the music, as a spiritual experience, as a music history lesson, etc. Bravo to Erwilian for a truly exceptional musical journey."
Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus:
"Light From Darkness is a luminous collection of uplifting devotional melodies, heard by the heart as well as the ears of the listener. Although they use no synthesizers, compositionally, Erwilian have synthesized innovative amalgamations of traditional tunes from diverse periods in history, and contemporary influences."

Light From Darkness: Album Trailer

The official album trailer for Light From Darkness, highlighting both the music and artworks that together comprise the album.

Track Spotlight: Átta Fossar

Enjoy a live performance of the expanded version of Átta Fossar. Icelandic for eight waterfalls, the piece found its origins on a road trip Jordan took through Iceland while we were composing and arranging the album.