ADVENT (2019), is the dawn of Erwilian’s next chapter. With the additions of bassist Malcolm Lee (2012), harpist Matt Garcia (2013), percussionist John Hintze (2014), and violinist Keely Rendle (2014) the band has leapt forward into new sounds, compositions, textures, and arrangements. ADVENT, with its soaring violin, recorder, and hammered dulcimer melodies, honors the band's origins but wholly pushes the boundaries of what is possible within Erwilian's signature acoustic instrumental framework.

As the band began production on their full-length follow-up to Light From Darkness, the results of early recording sessions were so compelling that the group decided to release a selection of tracks in their acoustic form. Aptly named ADVENT, the 27-minute EP consists of six songs, each celebrating a different facet of the band’s signature orchestrations. Melodies are led by violin, soprano recorder, and hammered dulcimer, featuring harp, celesta, guitar, harmonium, and many others.

Available worldwide in physical and digital formats, as well as a deluxe pressing. ADVENT (Deluxe) showcases Erwilian's complete artistic vision for ADVENT: a marriage of the senses in sound, print, and illustration with intricate laser-cuttings and original artworks by acclaimed illustrator Anastasia Masterskih.