While it is obvious that each member of the group is a highly accomplished instrumentalist, the magic that is created in their interaction is transcendent.
— Michael Diamond, Music & Media Focus

A brilliant ensemble moves as one entity, sharing a common golden thread as the tapestry of music is woven. Award-winning ensemble Erwilian captures this essence majestically with each of its multi-instrumentalists’ high proficiency in their craft, performed on an array of acoustic instruments. Blending elements from celtic, new age, and world music, Erwilian’s cross-genre style is led by soprano recorder, violin, and hammered dulcimer, with an eclectic range of supporting instrumentation—nothing synthesized, everything acoustic.

Celebrated for their commitment to expanding the boundaries of acoustic instrumentation, Erwilian’s live concerts showcase their wide-ranging collection of instruments including celesta, harp, hammered dulcimer, recorders, strings, and many others. Drawing on the diverse musical and cultural backgrounds of each of its members, the distinct energy and signature sound Erwilian brings to the stage ensures a memorable live performance for both the eyes and ears.

Music critic Michael Diamond summarizes, “There is no doubt that Erwilian has the power to thoroughly engage an audience. Their musicianship is absolutely first-rate. Each member is a virtuoso, and the fact that they are all so accomplished on a
variety of instruments leaves me even more impressed. But more than their individual talents is the level of interplay between them that is absolutely magical.”

Erwilian’s acoustic melodies are effervescent and energetic, but their original compositions and adaptations are truly amazing.
— RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Erwilian has surged into the 2010s to broad acclaim, repeatedly charting in the top 10 of ZMR World Radio’s Top 100 Chart, with Midwinter’s Night peaking at #6 in January 2015, ending as the year’s #1 Holiday album. In February 2015, Winds of Samsara (Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman), with contributions by Erwilian, was awarded Best New Age Album at the 57th GRAMMY® Awards. A second collaboration with Kellerman, Love Language, received a nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the 58th GRAMMY® Awards. In 2016, Erwilian partnered with Action Moves People United and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on the Billboard Top 10 album, Action Moves People United, to raise environmental and humanitarian awareness, capping the year off with a performance by Jordan Buetow (recorders) at Carnegie Hall in New York City with renowned pianist Lynn Yew Evers and cellist Eugene Friesen.

The band continues to evolve their signature sound in the studio and in concert, with numerous collaborations and a new album on the horizon.

Jordan Buetow
Matt Garcia
John Hintze
Malcolm Lee
Bethel Melton
Scott Melton
Keely Rendle

Light From Darkness
Midwinter's Night

New Age / Acoustic
Contemporary Folk

Seattle, WA based
Founded 2000